Shine Gonzalvez took the images in the UK, New York and Spain as she wanted to spotlight people who are often ignored.

A PHOTOGRAPHER has spent years taking haunting pictures of homeless people all over the world.

Shine Gonzalvez came up with the project to shine a light on people who are often ignored by society.

Her photos were taken in the UK, Spain and New York, and the project began when Shine came into contact with a homeless person who hadn’t spoken to anyone for days.

It got the photographer thinking about how many people are in a similar position, so she decided to put a spotlight on the issue.

“When you see photographers around they photograph everything but the homeless, they are kind of invisible to a lot of people,” she previously said. “I felt like I needed to bring out the beauty of them.”


‘Proud To Be Basque’ was taken in Northern Spain where street festivals take place across Spain, photographer Shine Gonzalvez found this homeless man wondering through the festivities and soaking up the atmosphere in Northern Spain


Shine always makes sure to offer some money in return for the time of the people she meets in Mornington Crescent, in London, England 2016


The photographer found this homeless man surrounded by all his worldly possessions in Central Park on August 23, 2014 in New York City


Shine spotted this homeless man taking a rest on a monument step as hoards of Christmas shoppers swarmed the shops in the background on November 29, 2015 in Brighton, England


Shine only captured three shots of this Eastern European man who she met in a secluded park in Euston, on December 04, 2015 in London


Shine usually breaks the ice with a cigarette while photographing homeless people and will make sure she spends some time listening to their story in Camden, on December 04, 2015


‘Redemption’ captures this one-eyed homeless lady who sold rosemary on the streets to make money, on July 25, 2014 in Cadiz, Spain

Getting the shots isn’t as simple as it looks.

Often the people are wary of Shine, worrying she is police or going to cause them trouble in some way.

Because of that, she lights cigarettes close to the people she wants to shoot and waits for them to approach her first.

“It’s about them talking to someone for once,” she explained.



Shine snapped ‘Snoozing in the Sun’ when she came across this homeless man taking a nap on a bench in Lincoln, on June 22, 2014 in London


When Shine met the subject of Evolution he offered to buy her a sandwich and a coffee, as he thought she was homeless, and told her about the cruelty he has dealt with from locals about his looks in Camden


Shine found this homeless man dressed up in his English best, complete with a poppy adorned bowler hat in Mornington Crescent


The same subject as ‘We Sat and We Shared’ in ‘Do You See Me?’ Shine captured a rare shot of the man without a smile on his face in Camden


Shine captured this portrait of ‘Half Cut’ after he told her about using his poetry to earn money from locals in Mornington Crescent, on December 04, 2015


After coming across this man he declined to share his story with Shine, choosing to protect his personal history instead in Spain


In ‘We Sat and We Shared’ Shine exchanged cigarettes with the jolly man, who managed to entice donations from passersby with his infectious positive attitude in Camden, on May 26, 2016 in London


A homeless woman seen on February 26, 2013


While photographing a communion Shine says she was struck by Jesus’ imagery as it reminded her of what he felt when he suffered and the teachings of tolerance and sharing that are often forgotten when interacting with the homeless