A Woman’s March for a More Democratic World

Picture by The New Yorker

By Ilan Blask, Franklin & Marshall College

Donald Trump has become widely unpopular, even in Antarctica. Saturday, protests took place worldwide, including the southernmost continent, with thousands of individuals participating in advocating for women’s rights, immigration, and other controversial topics President Trump has undermined or dehumanized. Trumps’ vulgar comments about women were a re-occurring topic in a majority of the protests, which received support from many celebrities who spoke at these demonstrations. Protesters believe women’s rights will be under fire while Trump is president, a motivating factor that led demonstrators to join the Women’s March. The protests throughout America showed an important aspect of American life: democracy.

Thousands to millions of people were able to peacefully protest against Donald Trump becoming president. Further, many despise his offensive comments regarding women, immigration, and healthcare. As Americans, we must appreciate our ability to peacefully protest against occurrences we disagree with because sadly, in other countries, protests are mostly violent and not peaceful. Presidents and officials are elected peacefully in America, while in other nations uprisings and violent government takeovers are common. Democracy allows Americans to choose who they desire as their leader and to protest if they disagree with the outcome. Only four individuals were arrested in America during the protests, proof that these rallies were successful examples of the ideals of Democracy.

I fully support the protests that transpired on Saturday because it proves to the world how effective and powerful democracy can be. Instead of utilizing violence to show displeasure of Trump being sworn into office, Americans used marches all over the country to display their unity and strength. Demonstrations similar to what happened on Saturday should be encouraged for the future of America and the future of the world. Protests can lead to change which could positively alter the political landscape of any country.

The Women’s Marches that occurred on Saturday were a perfect example of democracy in America. Hopefully, violent nations will begin to adopt this ideal. Interestingly, many demonstrations took place outside of the United States, displaying that democracy is also highly respected and practiced worldwide. I believe that these global demonstrations are evidence for the widespread use of democratic principles in domestic and international affairs. Citizens of foreign countries are showing their support for women in the United States by holding these marches in their homeland. When President Trump stated his outrageous comments about women, this issue became an internal affair for America as well as an international affair because of its effect on women’s emotions throughout the globe. Despite their differences in race and religion, individuals around the globe are discovering common ground to join together with each other and resist Donald Trump being elected president. Because of President Trump’s appalling statements about women and other domestic and global issues, people around the world are beginning to find a sense of unity and defiance. It appears as if Donald Trump’s presidency united the world on one thing at least.