By Sebastian Silva-Muniz, Franklin & Marshall College.

The day has come. We finally have a president who signs executive orders almost as much as he tweets. Trump has been very busy, having already signed 13 executive orders after almost two weeks in office. The most recent being the authorization of the US-Mexico border wall, the stripping of federal grant money to sanctuary cities, hiring 5,000 more border patrol agents, ending catch and release policies, and reinstating local and state immigration enforcement partnerships.

Trump’s overall goal has always been to provide border security. He claimed this executive order “is going to bring it over the top” in his interview with ABC News. The reasoning behind stripping grant funds for sanctuary cities is to put an end to providing shelter for illegal immigrants. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has previously stated there must be an end to “harboring illegal immigrants.” President Trump also finally provided some insight for everyone’s question, “Who’s going to pay for the wall?” We can now confirm, according to Trump, “construction of the wall could beginning in months, but planning for the massive project is “starting immediately”. “Payment for the wall may be more complicated than people expected. In the past, Mexico has denied any possibility of them paying for the wall, but Trump says talks with Mexico would begin “relatively soon.” What seems to have disappointed most Americans is Trump’s plan to pay for construction with federal funds, while setting up a system where Mexico pays us back within a certain time frame. His campaign rhetoric made America think Mexico would pay for the wall up front. In light of President Trump finally releasing some details on his plan for the wall, some people display some level of concern. Marielena Hincapie, executive director of the National Immigration Law Center, describes this executive action as “extremist, ineffective and expensive.” She claims “trump is taking a wrecking ball to our immigration system. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that chaos and destruction will be the outcome.”

I can’t help but think Marielena’s assessment is completely wrong. Yes, Trump is wrong in calling all illegals “rapists” and “criminals”, but his statements bring up an underlying point. Of the approximately 11 million illegal immigrants in America, we have no way of knowing exactly who each individual is that comes into this country( Yes, they could all be highly educated individuals, but they could also be all criminals and rapists. The point is we can’t know for sure about anybody coming into this country illegally. In part, that was one of the main issues with President Obama’s immigration policy. Our country, up to date, has not had an immigration policy that had complete control of the border. In reality it all boils down to one question. We currently have approximately 110 million people (35.4 percent) of America on some form of Welfare, so why bring in people that need immediate assistance when we already have our own people to take care of?

Any American policy; specifically, an immigration policy should be constructed to benefit the people already living here. The facts show the illegals already living in the U.S. have had a significant impact on our economy. “Immigration is a net drain on the economy; corporate interests reap the benefits of cheap labor, while taxpayers pay the infrastructural cost… $60 billion dollars are earned by illegal aliens in the U.S. each year” ( 1 in 20 people working are illegal( The jobs illegal immigrants take affect our lower class; specifically, Hispanics and black Americans. We live in a welfare state society, which entails open border and free movement of labor. This type of societies’ loophole screams, “Come in. Our door is open!”. Again and again illegal immigrants take advantage of our system. Everyone has a path to citizenship, but that path does not include breaking into our country.



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