Birth control pill or an IUD? Choosing birth control has never been easy for anyone. The personal choice that goes into deciding what birth control is right for one’s body is a process that can take up to days, months and even years. And after this decision process, a woman is well within her rights to choose her own method of birth control – a method that does not have to involve and invasive operation just to prevent unwanted pregnancy. A noticeably urgent push toward a change from birth control pills to IUD’s has gone up 900 percent since president Trump has entered office.

Although Trump “has eased off on his threat to repeal the ACA, he could still scrap the contraceptive mandate” that allows women to have access to free birth control. (VICE). What Trump can’t seem to scrap, is his inability to understand that most women in America are unable to pay anything from $500 to $1,000 dollars upfront for birth control. By taking away the Affordable Care Act, president Trump is forcing women into getting IUD’s, which requires an invasive medical procedure and considerable pain, and last for up to twelve years.

However, IUD’s tend to carry multiple health concerns. For example, an IUD can cause ovarian cysts, abnormal bleeding and can sometimes drift down to the uterus, which can cause pain, infection and damage to intestines and other reproductive organs which could very well impair a woman’s ability to have a future healthy pregnancy, should she choose to do so. Shypula, a young woman who rushed to change from the pill to the IUD emphasized “I want something that’s at least going to last me four years, if not longer, I want something that’s going to outlast Trump.” (CNN).

With being on the pill, I personally understand where these women stand. I used to have to pay $60 each month for one packet of pills. I did not always have the money to do that and it was hard for me to get it. By changing health insurance, I now pay nothing for my birth control. But maybe I am just one of the lucky ones? But now with a trump administration many women will face a different faith.

By taking away ACA, Trump is also taking away medical clinics that know how to properly insert an IUD; closing these establishments could cause a true epidemic of health concerns amongst women who seek other ways of obtaining their birth control. With these clinics closing, women are left with little option but to pay the full amount for birth control. Hence, Trump’s policy appears to disproportionately affect those who are already in a difficult situation; those on Obamacare.

It is so important to understand that “no one should feel the need to make an important health decision solely based on fear” (VICE). The sad reality is that women are making the decision to get an IUD out of fear; fear that their right for free birth control will be taken away, despite the efforts of the generations of women before us who have fought and protested for our rights to reproductive health and autonomy within our lives as women.
More importantly, there is the possibility of women facing costs if problems with their IUD occur, requiring them to pay yet another thousands of dollars they were so desperately trying to save.

With birth control being easily accessible, women are protecting themselves from pregnancy and the potential health risks accompanying illegal abortions or poorly placed IUD’s. Personally, I do not want to go back to paying $60 dollars each month – coming out to be $720 a year. This policy is dangerous, disenfranchising and fundamentally wrong, not to mention how many steps back we would be taking in the fight for women’s right.

How can it be that Trump is allowed to build a wall in the country, while a woman cannot even build a wall in her uterus?