A Minority Within A Minority


What if your death is a relief to others? Humanity sees you as a monster. Even within the most ostracized communities, you are scorned with disdain. This is the life of queer people who are infected with HIV.

Even if humanity has decided your life is not worth living, you still are entitled to live your life.

With the recent abandonment of Obamacare and lack of concern for those who depend on its assistance, infected individuals are at high risk. President Donald Trump and his cabinet  “vowed to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, although a substitute plan has yet to be presented”^1. 50,000 newly infected United States individuals are left with no way to afford specialized medication and predetermined death sentence in an age of advance medical research and technology.

On average, medications for specialized terminal illnesses like HIV, can cost anywhere from 863 to 3,434 dollars per month^2. Without the Affordable Care Act to supplement health insurance, most individuals are left without resources, concern, and an overall way to survive the illness. This minority group is left to perish as the Trump administration abolishes Obama’s National HIV/AIDS strategy that no longer exist on the official WhiteHouse.gov website. Without a strategy and no current plans to address the rapid infection of this terminal illness, millions are left hopeless, ostracized, are considered dangerous monsters by their own communities.

Even those who are dangerous to their own race as an infectious agent of a terminal illness do not deserve to be exterminated as monsters.Those who are infected are left in isolation with the knowledge of impending death without the preexisting help of the Affordable Care Act that served as the only salvation in obtain life sustaining medication. Not all monsters do monstrous things and not all infected people deserve to die for their illness; therefore, they shouldn’t all be treated the same or abandoned by their own government.

Although those who are infected are minorities even within minority groups like the LGTBQ, this illness is an epidemic that should be addressed federally for the prevention of HIV and to support those who are infected.

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