Make America a Democracy Again


President Trump’s close relationship with President Vladimir Putin raises concerns for the US government. It is no secret that Russia has crossed many lines in terms of human rights over the past several decades, the most recent being the killing of 10,000 Ukrainians and violation of human rights in Syria and Aleppo. When being addressed with the Russian human rights issues, Trump questioned back “You think our country is so innocent?” Trumps’ neglect to acknowledge the humanitarian issues abroad raises high concern for the type of president we have recently elected. A group of conservative senators wrote him a firm letter demanding that “while we should seek common ground with Russian in the areas of mutual interest, we must never pursue cooperation with Russia at the expense of our fundamental interests of defending our allies and promoting our values.” Though the country wants to create a civil and respectable relationship with the Russians, at what price is Trump willing to pay for the potential collateral damage this relationship can cause?

Though these senators are pushing Trump to explain to Putin the strengthens of a democracy; is our own country really a democracy if our own president goes against the advice of his own party? So maybe Trump does have a point. Maybe our country “isn’t so innocent.” How can we advise another country to buy into the democratic system when our own president does not even listen to the voices of his own people?  The conservative senators write that “these values are non-negotiable” which is certainly true. No matter the president, the values of democracy should not be compromised. Trump’s extreme narcissism and own personal agenda of relations with Putin should not be at the expense of other countries or more importantly our own.

Because Trump lacks to acknowledge the implications of intervening and lifting sanctions with Russia, senators Graham and Cardin introduced a legislation that would oversee the Trump administration with regards to relations with Russia. This new legislation, called the Russian Review Act, requires a detailed submission of why they believe the sanctions should be lifted. A 120-day review period will then be set in motion, allowing congress to vote whether or not to lift sanctions on Russia. The new act highlights the measures needed to be taken in order to protect our country from the relationships between the two countries. Though it is unsure why Trump feels the desire to strengthen the relationship with Russia, whether it was Putin’s attempts to endorse Trump during the 2016 election or not; it is obvious that Trump is the only one not trying to sever ties with Putin.

Though no other legislation in the past has been used to double veto a president, Trump’s intentions have made it very clear that the new act is needed. Whether the country likes it or not, he unfortunately is our new president. Political parties aside, the United States of America is a democracy. One individual cannot change and we should not let him change the 241 years’ worth of work to establish our great country.

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