Presidents Day, a day to honor and acknowledge all U.S. presidents, past and current, was nationally recognized as “Not My President Day” this Monday. Thousands of anti-Trump protestors voiced their opinions on issues including immigration, gender rights, and women’s reproductive rights.

Olga Lexell, one of the several event organizers proclaimed there was an underlying intention to “show Trump there was a widespread opposition to his policies and his “ridiculous” executive orders. Essentially each rally was an attempt “to keep the momentum” beginning at the Women’s March up until Tax day on April 15th. She then expressed that she felt, “this whole movement in general has been successful.”

Tucker Carlson in an interview with Shane Saunders (gay protestor in one of Monday’s rallies), uncovered some eye-popping information. Tucker first asked him if he thought the protests would make a difference and what the point of them were. Shane veered away from the protests and referred to the growth of the movement, and how Trump is being “frazzled” by the media, but is the purpose of the rallies and the movement really to “frazzle” Trump? Tucker then asked Shane what Trump would do to him as a gay man? Shane’s response simply stated, “Mike Pence’s thoughts are well known on this subject.” Unfortunately, Pence isn’t the President; Donald Trump is. Shane then went on to say he didn’t feel as if Trump was the president either.

The reoccurring theme among these protestors was how they felt instead of the actual facts.

Below are facts on three of the most popular topics among these rallies.

One poster said, “No ban. No wall.”, in reference to Trump’s stance on illegal immigration. The fact is we have no clue who exactly each individual is that comes into this country illegally. Yes, they could all be highly educated individuals, but they could also be all criminals and rapists. Our country, up to date, has not had an immigration policy that had complete control of the border. The facts show the illegals already living in the U.S. have had a significant impact on our economy. 1 in 20 people working are illegal. The jobs illegal immigrants take affect our lower class; specifically, Hispanics and black Americans. We live in a welfare state society, which entails open border and free movement of labor. This type of societies’ loophole screams, “Come in. Our door is open!”. Again and again illegal immigrants take advantage of our system.

Another issue brought up was women’s reproductive rights. As far as abortion goes, with the exception of rape, incest, and life of the mother, the concept of murdering an unborn child is appalling. At Day 22, the hearts already beating. At Week 3, the backbone, spinal column, and nervous system are forming. At Week 4 beginnings of eyes, legs and hands, brainwaves are detectable. At weeks 9 and 10, baby’s teeth form, are able to turn their head and frown. At week 14, heart is pumping several quarts of blood. At Week 15, the baby has adults taste buds. At what point in this timeline is it okay to murder that human being?

The third issue is the so called discrepancy between male and female rights. The discrepancy, in terms of wage difference, disappears when you compare them evenly. We have to compare women with the same number of years in experience and the same number of continuous service. We can also compare single women versus single men. Within both these examples you’ll find that women are more or less the same amount as men, if not more.

Protesting is okay, but we must protest with facts not opinions.