Our Commander in Chief?

Photo by Emily Michot

My fellow Americans, are you happy now? Are you satisfied with President Trump and his ridiculous policies? Because it is going to be a long four years.

January 29th. The day President Trump approved of a counter-terrorism raid in Yemen which left 25 civilians dead, including nine children. William Owens was the lone U.S. casualty in the raid, a measure that is now being questioned by Owens’ father Bill and other Americans.

President Trump had been in office for eight days and he approved of this raid. Eight days! How can we have faith in a president who declares a military operation in Yemen after only eight days after becoming president?

I am not going to use the phrase “not my president” or any of that nonsense. Donald Trump is my president and there is nothing I can do to change that. But I and other Americans can have an effect on the senseless acts he is executing.

Rallies such as the Women’s Marches that took place worldwide in January are examples of how we can unite and persevere. By showing President Trump that America as a cohesive unit will not tolerate his absurd policies, he will cease his insensible and selfish actions. We can make “America great again,” just not through pointless operations.

Honestly, rallies and protests may not change anything President Trump does. After everything that has happened, he probably won’t be fazed. Uniting will give Americans hope, but it will still leave many scared and feeling hopeless about the future. But if we don’t do anything, people like Bill Owens will wake up each morning and wonder if William Owens’ death could have been prevented. Maybe if President Trump had sought more advice, the pointless raid in Yemen would never have occurred, 25 Yemenites and William Owens would still be alive. That is why Americans need to take leadership and organize more rallies and more events. For a better and united America.


A brave American soldier is dead.

Think about that. How often do we hear news like this? Will it ever stop? It may never, but hopefully American casualties can decrease, rather than continue.

Good luck, President Trump.


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