First the U.S, now Canada? Who is next? Where will the refugees go?


Through the thick US-Canadian border, many Canadians have been very concerned with the increasing amount of refugees that have recently fled illegally across the border onto Canada’s grounds. Is this because of Trump’s recent executive order? Some would say yes and other’s may say the opposite.


Some refugees are fleeing to Canada due to the fact that the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is welcoming them with open arms ever since Trump has not. Also, refugees claim they are choosing to leave because of immense fear of what will happen to themselves and their families if they choose to stay in the U.S. Considering the strong alliance with the U.S, Canadian police forces stationed at the border have turned away more refugees between April of 2016 and January of 2017 than they ever have in the past.


Obviously there are two sides to every story.


In this case, there is a conservative and a liberal side. Backtrack to the discussion of the Prime Minister of Canada. He believes in the liberal approach and by accepting these refugees, it could be a positive outcome for Canada. Although most Canadians do not have an issue in allowing refugees to enter their country, others do. The liberal approach is that these immigrants can contribute to benefitting the economic aspects of Canada. The conservative approach is that many are skeptical that these immigrants cannot be held accountable for what they say. Furthermore, some refugees may provide fallible information and claim they are immigrants when they are not. Some Canadians are also threatened by these ‘outsiders’ for security reasons. Conservatives also believe that the government should be infiltrating more money and resources in protecting the borders.


So, who is right?


I believe that both sides have a clear and credible position regarding the refugees. However, I believe that the immigrants are scared for not only their own lives, but their loved ones as well. Where will they go? They can no longer call the only place they’ve ever known, their home anymore. They must migrate elsewhere; somewhere that will accept and protect them like their home country never did. I believe immigrants should be given the opportunity and justification that they possess the same equal, human rights that every other person in this world is granted. Race or cultural ethnicity should not define these refugees, they have gone through more than enough. Who is to tell them they are not as important as U.S. or Canadian citizens? That is insanely wrong.


If refugees are banned from entering the U.S and our allied country, we need to determine an alternate location where they can feel that sense of security we feel every day.


We need to figure it out. And we need to do it fast.