Human Rights Abuse in China


“Chynah” as President Trump so frequently refers to it has been under a lot of heat.  Allegations against the country surrounding human rights violations have been widely talked about recently.

China is under fire mostly for the suppression by Chinese officials on the Tibetan people. Most of these people are monks and nuns trying to embrace their religious freedom. Something the Chinese government does not recognize apparently even though they are part of the United Nations Human Rights Council.  Most of these instances happen in Larung Gar, the largest institution for Buddhists in the world.  Most of the Tibetans live around the institution in the Sichuan Province where officials have been demolishing homes of 20,000 Tibetans that have residence there.

The fact that China and a couple of other countries who regularly violate human rights in their respected countries have seats on the Human Rights Council is appalling.  If a country wants to be a part of a membership like the UN, everyone on that council should be on the same page in what they believe in as a collective unit.  All these countries should be striving towards the same goal in protecting human rights.  How is this council supposed to work if every country is doing there own thing? It’s like any team ever, where if one person does what they want, the team as a whole will never be successful.  If people want the UN to work, there has to be a set of rules that all the countries willingly abide by.

These kinds of issues should not go unnoticed or forgotten about.  The more the media presents these problem and people educate themselves on what’s happening around the world, the more progress there will be.  Countries like China should be held accountable for these actions.  This stuff has been going on for years and there needs to be a change.

In addition to the oppression of Tibetans, there have been many cases in which people voiced their opinion and were later imprisoned for it.  Amnesty International claims that 245 lawyers and activists have been tagged and discriminated against and in some cases have lead to disappearances.  A famous civil rights activist, Li Heping has been missing since July in 2015.  No one has any information on his whereabouts.  Now this isn’t an exception.  There have been many cases in disappearances as CNN claims that about 1,300 people go missing everyday adding up to 500,000 per year.

People are being arrested for no apparent reason! This is very much reminiscent of the totalitarian governments in the 40s.

In early July of 2015, 300 rights lawyers and activists were detained in what was called the ‘709 Crackdown’.  These people who are being detained have not been able to communicate with loved ones.  Some of these cases are on-going for an absurd amount of time with no set date for a trial.  If these people do get released they are then discriminated throughout the workforce and has become increasingly difficult for these individuals to find work.

Governments ruling through fear need to be suppressed.  Voicing one’s opinion is a right we all share.  This can only be stopped if people are aware of the crimes that are happening.  The UN can also have a large impact on whether this continues.  Lastly, every member in the Human Rights Council should have similar goals abiding to a set of morals that everyone can agree on.