Obamacare Replacement Bill


Healthcare. Since November 8, this has been among the more popular and controversial topics as the Trump Administration has remained limited in their responses on the issue. Obamacare was the plan available to everyone! And that evil Trump is taking it all away. However, on Monday March 6, at 6:00 p.m., the Obamacare Replacement Bill was released for American people’s review, and was summarized and defended by the House GOP the following morning.

Greg Walden, a house representative, said this to conclude his opening statement:

“Simply put, we believe we have a better way to deliver solutions to the patients, not washington bureaucrats, first. We provide the American people with what we’ve asked for, and what they’ve asked for; greater choice, lower costs and flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their families needs… This is just the first step in helping American families across the country obtain truly affordable healthcare.”

As reporters fired questions directed toward Mr. Walden and Kevin Brady, another representative, two main issues surfaced; the misconceptions many have on Obamacare, and the effects it is having on americans below the age of thirty-five.

Obamacare was portrayed as the health care plan for everyone, however, healthcare to 300 million people is not a one size fits all deal. By passing this law, it put “washington in control of American’s healthcare.” Families can not afford premiums (which give access to what most would consider to be basic health care), patients are not able to visit their doctor of choice, and each day less and less insurance companies are offering coverage plans. Citizens may have this care, but they just can simply not afford to use it when really needed.

Representative Kevin Brady elaborated on this issue using Texas, his hometown, as an example. He stated, “those who have [Obamacare] frankly can’t use it; the deductibles are too high, the co-payments are too high, it’s just a card for these people, it’s doesn’t help them… those small business people, it doesn’t help them.” The class suffering most are the middle and lower income families. Because Obamacare is a packaged plan, families are forced to pay hundred and thousands of dollars for plans they do not need. It is crucial that our government dismantle Obamacare’s unpopular taxes/mandates. This reform will ensure americans “to have access to the health care that is tailored to their needs, not healthcare dictated and tailored to Washington’s needs,” said representative Walden. This will be available through a monthly tax credit to help these low and middle income Americans access affordable healthcare.

Obamacare is playing a major role in chasing young people away from insurance coverage. A recorded 45% of people who decided to pay the penalty or not sign up for Obamacare, are under the age of 35. The plans offered make little sense for this younger, healthier generation to participate in. As a result, they are getting no health care at all. A reform of the failing law, gives more individual choice, and will allow the coming generations to form a more personalized, reasonable and monetarily efficient plan.

The pricing of prescription drugs is an extremely relevant issue today. Trump has however, recently talked about his policy to create a more competitive market for the pharmaceutical companies that will cause prices to drop significantly. This will only expand the options and prices for consumers. Another step in creating a more accessible, and affordable plan.

The Obamacare Replacement Bill has only been introduced, not passed. The plan seems to hold many benefits and many freedoms that run parallel with the American dream. Americans should not be forced to pay for healthcare they do not need, because the government isn’t offering that package. The government should hold such control over the citizens healthcare. Although there is talk of the bill being denied, representatives of the house have affirmed meetings and discussions with the senate have been positive and progressive. They have made it clear the bill is somewhat elastic; subject to tweaks or negotiation. Regardless, this has been an area Trump has prioritized and vowed to improve. If not by this bill, then some other way. Right now the public is aware of only plans and the Trump administration or GOP need to elaborate and touch on specific numbers. I encourage you to read the bill! It is less than one hundred pages and something “everything American can read.”



Here is a link to the full bill! Enjoy.




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