By Mary Tanner, South African Communist Party

Cape Town- 1994 (History in Context)

I will never understand the struggle black, coloured, and native South Africans have gone through in recent times. I am committed to represent your rights in the MPNP, but I need your help.

I need you, the people, to pressure other members of the MPNP against compromise with the National Party.

Our history is one compromised of continuous oppression and land segregation against the natives. Colonizing powers took our land, built lucrative empires, and exploited our people as animals.

Apartheid set into law land segregation, with black and coloured South Africans confined to specific geographical boundaries compromising only 13% of homelands territories.

Urban segregation proved most effective in keeping the wealth in the hands of few. We must act now. International pressure and internal insurgence allowed for a revolution to take place in our country.

However, it will all go to waste if we do not fight for a socialist revolution in our society. This land is YOURS. It is not property of the raciest white man who usurps our treasures and oppresses our people.

To all South African people. Rise today as one to defeat the hammering hand killing your brothers and sisters. Your mothers and elders.

Take back your land.

For more than two centuries, the white settlers legally appropriated more than 90 per cent of the land surface through colonialism and land dispossession culminating in the passing of the Natives’ Land Act of 1913.

This Act confined you to reserves in the marginal portions of the country. This ‘formalized racism’ converted you from successful farmers to poorly paid wage labourers. Is this the life you want for your children? Is this the society you want for the generations to come?

A society where the white man builds a westernized oasis in the city while leaving you with dirt and a few cents. The ANC’s Freedom Charter of the 1950s has failed us. We were promised that “the land shall be shared among those who work it and re-divided among those who work it, to banish famine and hunger”.

I ask you, are your children’s bellies full? What do you witness around you, poverty or freedom? The Apartheid government implemented retribalisation in the form of Bantustan states to divide us. Control us. And ultimately to exploit us.

South African people, you now have a chance to change this. You have a chance to write the textbooks of tomorrow with your actions today. When we protested, there were vicious clampdowns on political opposition. Even leading to the banning of political organizations such as the ANC and PAC.

They labelled us as terrorists while killing hundreds in Sharpeville.

They screamed racial slurs in Soweto while putting metal bullets in our bodies.

Every person should have the right to hold property rights. No deprivation of such rights should be permitted. The National Party wants to compromise, I say screw them.

Where was compromise when we were hopeful?

Where was compromise when police forces shot your bothers in the back?

Where was compromise when we had to pick up hundreds of motionless, young bodies from the our dirt roads.

The National Party enslavers will fight for sustained property rights for white land owners. Who control the vast majority of our country. But ask yourselves, who did their grandfathers take that land from? Who lived in those lands just a few centuries ago? Your ancestors did.

The World Bank is proposing 30 per cent of agricultural land to be transferred from white farmers to blacks within the first five years of South Africa’s democracy.

The world wants to disarm our men and keep us in the fields where they say we belong. This is our chance to show the global community that we will not stop until our demands are met and the generations to come may prosper.

This is a call to all South Africans who want a restoration of our country as a unified entity.

Take to the streets. Gather outside the Palace of Justice. Force our leaders to recognize the importance of a democratic and multicultural South African State where the rights of all citizens are recognized and upheld under the law.